Many of you have already been on that social media train. Congratulations on that because many people really don’t see the worth of publishing on social media since there’s no direct ROI. There is no direct association between putting in a dollar on advertisements for your brand name on social media and just how much you get in return. You do not know, which is the reason so many businesses stay away from it. But today, people are waking up.

People comprehend the importance of social media. That’s why they are investing thousands of dollars, working with social media professionals…

Some Entrepreneurs try to build the identity of their brand by imitating other well-established players in the market. This strategy will prove futile. If you are already the mastermind calling the shots for a brand that is having a hard time, my first idea is to rely on your existing customers.

You would be shocked how much you can gain from some great old-fashioned research by ways of a brand audit. Carefully examine what customers presently consider your brand and what they believe it represents. You might be quite horrified to understand that your customers have actually totally misunderstood the…

Now you have all the pieces, it’s time to put them together to form a strategy that you can follow one step at a time in order to develop your audiences and to gain mass impact.

Step 1: Build Your Brand

The primary step is to construct your brand name. This suggests you need to ensure that you know ‘who you are’ as a service prior to you deal with Pinterest. This is something that must come before you start on any social media site. …

Dorian Da Silva

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